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The Warp-wheel was a war-machine created by Warlock Engineer Quell, formerly of the Clan Skryre[1a]

A massive conglomeration of rusted iron, bronze and steel that resembled an immense wheel, spinning about a central sphere. The wheel was as wide as a castle wall and lined with gouging teeth of iron, which caught the earth and tore it apart wherever the machine passed. As it moved it emitted green-tinged smoke from various vents and orifices, which poisoned the air and with many dripping cannon muzzles studding the central command sphere.[1a]


It was created by the renegade Engineer Quell, supposedly to assist Grand High Clawmaster Warpfang with his siege of the city of Excelsis but he used it to search for the Spear of Shadows in collaboration with the Verminlord Skewerax. He succeeded in discovering it in the Forest of Gorch and used the machine to destroy all that opposed him before returning to Lion Crag, with the powerful weapon-artefact now part of the machine.[1a]

Unfortunately for Quell, Agents of Grungni and Chaos alike persued him there and in the ensuing conflict the machine was destroyed.


Yesss. We shall not waste you on a man-thing or a duardin-thing, no-no. We shall cast you at a city-burrow, yes-yes, and you shall take us there. The warp-wheel shall crush the walls of Excelsis, and then – the walls of every other man-thing city in the mortal realms!

~Quell to the Spear of Shadows within his machine.[1b]