Warhammer Quest Silver Tower: Labyrinth of the Lost (novella)

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Labyrinth of the Lost
Labyrinth of the Lost Cover.jpg
Author(s) Andy Clark
Released May 2016

Labyrinth of the Lost is an Age of Sigmar novella by Andy Clark


Deep within the sorcerous labyrinth of the Silver Tower, a small band of champions fights for survival. Some seek to win glory and power by defeating the master of this ever-changing realm. Others look only to survive, and to escape the hellish maze before it takes their lives, their souls or their sanity. Forced to work together, the champions must overcome bitter rivalries and age-old hatreds in their quest to defeat the twisted machinations of the Gaunt Summoner. Yet lies and illusion spill through the Silver Tower like a flood, and none of these questing heroes is quite what they seem...[1]