General's Handbook 2019

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General's Handbook 2019
GHB 2019 cover.jpg
Released 2019
Preceded by General's Handbook 2018
Followed by General's Handbook 2020

Generals Handbook 2019 expands upon the rules of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – and those found in the previous iteration of the General’s Handbook. It provides a toolkit of rules for use in Open Play, Narrative Play and Matched Play games and also provides updated Pitched Battle points values for all current units. The Forces of the Realms section provides rules for Allegiance for players armies.

There is a seperate book which cotains a complete points update for all factions in Matched Play.


  • To War!
  • Open Play Games
  • Narrative Play Games
  • Matched Play Games
  • Conquest Unbound