Warcry: Might and Madness Rulebook

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Warcry - Might and Madness Rulebook
Warcry - Might and Madness cover 01.jpg
Released 2023
Pages 68

Warcry: Might and Madness Rulebook is a rulebook for a supplement Warcry: Nightmare Quest for Age of Sigmar: Warcry where a Stormcast Eternals Warband Questor Soulsworn fights against the Royal Beastflayers of the Flesh-Eater Courts for the ruins of an ancient city.[1]


  • Horror and Glory
  • Might and Madness
  • The Forest's Fury
  • Faith and Frenzy
    • Questor Soulsworn Quests
    • Royal Beastflayers Quests
    • Campaign Arc: Storm of Madness
    • Campaign Tree
    • Campaign Arc: Realmshaper War
    • Battleplan Generator
    • Questor Soulsworn Background Tables
    • Royal Beastflayers Background Tables