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Name Description Notes
Falcon of Holthaven A territorial falcon that guarded the tomb of it's first master for centuries. It will harry those who would despoil its domain.
Starcaster Longbow A bow that shoots solid shards of Sigendil's light. In place of a bowstring it has a ley line.
Splinterbirch Blade A blade of still-living wood that splits into thousands of needle-sharp shards when struck against armour. It re-grows instantly afterwards.
Wending Wand A supple branch whose leaves twitch in the winds that course along ley lines. Used by the Wanderers as a dowsing rod.
Viridescent Shawl This cloak can change to exude the lushness of an emerald glade or the choking dark of a briar thicket. The changes depends on the mood of its wearer.
Forget-me-knot A chain of delicate florets that when bound onto a victim, causes them to see a confluence of ethereal paths.

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