Vurm-tai nomads

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Vurm-tai nomads, the worm-riders, are horse clans of the Amber Steppes who took to following the migration routes of the Great Worms and picking over what was left in their wake, or simply raiding the caravans that travelled to and from the worm-cities.[1]

Burnished by the sun and rains, the nomads are a dark skinned folk, their warriors clad in scavenged armour decorated with worm-scale, furs and with feathered back-banners rising above their heads. Their horses are spotted and long-limbed, also well protected by boiled leather armour. Close combat is preferred to archery and consequently each rider normally carries a profusion of weapons for that purpose. Before the Realmgate Wars they had avoided being conquered, not bowing to any power, Ruinous or otherwise but rather worshipped the worms and their own strength. Following that conflict some took to the worship of Zig-mah and marked their arms, armour and shields with azure zigzags - crudely rendered lightning bolts.[1]