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Vrak Brazenfist is the greatest Exalted Deathbringer of the Skullfiend Tribe.[1a]

Appearance and Abilities

Vrak earned his name when, during a duel with the duardin king Norgrem-Grimnir, he grabbed his foe by the neck and plunged him into a nearby cauldron of molten metal. Impressed, Khorne transmuted his champion's badly scalded hands and forearms into living brass. Now, Vrak is as deadly unarmed as he is with his immense, ruinous axe. Even before his metal hands, he was renowned as a horrifically skilled fighter, and now between his axe and his hands it is said he has killed more foes in single combat than many Lords of Khorne.[1b]


In sharp contrast to the mercurial Lord Skardrax the Slayer, leader of the Skullfiend Tribe, Vrak is grim and efficient, focusing his killing rage into a sharp, icy point. Despite the difference in personality between Vrak and his lord, the Deathbringer is just as pitiless, and every action Vrak takes is designed to win the Blood God's favour.[1b]


Encounter with Mannfred von Carstein

When Vrak led his followers to the Gulf of Regrets in the Realm of Shyish via the Baneshard Realmgate, it was to claim as many skulls from the lands of the dead as possible. Piles of skulls from deathrattle skeletons and raided tombs were soon heaped around the realmgate, but soon the ruler of the Gulf of Regrets - none other than the Mortarch of Night, Mannfred von Carstein - was stirred to action to defend his territory. The vampire used his necromatic might to raise the skeletons in the tombs the Skullfiends were raiding, and soon the Bloodbound found themselves beset on all sides.[1b]

Vrak and those nearest to him, including the Slaughterpriest Kordrok, made to a nearby Dragonfate Dais and prepared to make a stand. As more and more undead rose to attack them, Vrak and Kordrok led repeated charges into the horde, only to be pushed back to the dias every time. In between these charges, the Bloodbound built improvised barricades of corpses - both theirs and their enemies' - to stem the flow of undead enough to have room to swing an axe. Mannfred, meanwhile, contented himself with watching from atop his Dread Abyssal, fully intending to drown his foes in bodies without any risk to himself.[1b]

The siege of the dias wore on for hours. Each charge tore ragged holes in the hordes of skeletons and spirits surrounding the Khornates, but each time they were pushed back to their defensive positions, a few warriors falling for each failed breakthrough. Eventually, only Vrak, Kordrak, and a few followers remained. As they prepared for a final attack, Khorne finally showed his favour, and wisps of bloody steam began to rise from the dias. Mannfred, sensing the fell energies, finally deigned to enter the fray himself, but he was too late. As Kordrok slammed his axe down, the skies roared and flames burst from the dias, unbinding the energies holding the undead army together. Cursing as his legions crumbled, Mannfred took one last swipe at Kordrok, scoring a deep wound on the Slaughterpriest, and quit the battlefield.[1a]


We're not done here, coward! Wherever you run, I'll find you! Your skull belongs to Khorne!

~ Vrak Brazenfist to the fleeing Mannfred von Carstein[1b]


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