Vostargi Mont

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City of Brimstone, vassal keep of the Fyreslayers.

Vostargi Mont is a volcano that is mined and inhabited by multiple Fyreslayer lodges and ruled by the Vostarg lodge.[2a] Centuries of volcanic activity have resulted much of the Mont's slopes becoming encased in Vostargi Obsidian, a highly valuable volcanic glass.[4a][5a]


Age of Myth

Vostargi Mont was created from the falling debris of the duel between Grimnir and Vulcatrix. Vostargi quickly became inhabited by Duardin of the Fyreslayers, who have remained its primary inhabitants ever since.[1][2a]

The clans of Aridian made their weapons out of the obsidian from Vostargi Mont's slopes, this often put them in conflict with the Capilarian tribes for the favor of Sigmar. This conflict becomes open war before a fragile truce is brokered by Varrus Blackfist.[1a]

Following the burning of the Kindling Forests trade is opened between Aspiria and Vostargi Mont thus securing a source of powerful magic weapons from the Direbrands, allies to the Duardin of Vostargi Mont.[1a]

Ologhor Sheng, the dreamwalker, came before the High Temple of Vostargi's Fyreslayers and offered Ur-Gold corrupted by Khorne to the Duardin there in order to slaughter an encampment of Direbrand leaders. Only the Ironfists lodge accepted and completed the bloody deed.[3]

Age of Chaos

Many Humans made their way to Vostargi Mont in order to hire the skills of the Fyreslayers during this epoch.[2a]

Korghos Khul and his Goretide take a great swathe of land from Vitrolius Reach to Vostargi Mont.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

Khorne Bloodbound continue to give the Ironfists, now Zharrthagi, lodge blood Ur-Gold at the side of Vostargi Mont.[3]


  • Brimstone: A market city built by the Fyreslayers to accomodate foreign merchants.[5a]
  • High Temple: A temple found within the Vostargi Mont. Those seeking to hire one of Vostargi Mont's lodges, can enter the High Temople and make an offer to the Firewell of Grimnir, whilst in the presence of a Runefather.[5a]