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The Vosforge was the largest of the first-forged magmaholds of the Fyreslayers. While the Vosforge fell in the Age of Chaos, the name of its principal lodge, Vostarg, lives on,[1a] and hundreds of other lodges can trace their ancestry back to Vosforge.[1b]


Vosforge is in the Salamander's Spine mountain range, like many of the earliest Fyreslayer magmaholds.[1b]


Age of Myth

Vosforge is founded, along with the other first-forged magmaholds.[1c]

Age of Chaos

Runefather Thorgar-Grimnir breaks a Chaos assault by killing the Bloodthirster commanding the besieging army, but soon dies of his wounds. His Runesons begin to squabble amongst themselves over who deserves to be the sole heir. With the situation threatening to erupt into civil war despite the Chaos army outside the gates, the Runemaster divides the Ur-Gold of the lodge equally between the runesons and tells them to go their separate ways. All the runesons depart with their followers save Bromhulf, who stays behind with a small retinue to occupy the besiegers while the rest of the magmahold escapes.[2a]

Age of Sigmar

The empty Vosforge has been sacked many times over the centuries, and has become the lair of evil things.[1a]