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Vortemis the All-Seeing miniature.

Vortemis the All-Seeing is a Magister that leads the Eyes of the Nine underworld warband, his chosen disciples, and a servant of the Gaunt Summoners of Tzeentch. He has been considered instrumental in twisting the strands of fate to serve the will of the Chaos God Tzeentch.[1][2][3]


His Arcanite Cult has had spies in the city of Shadespire for centuries and has been plotting to undermine Nagash for just as long.[2]

He has been in the Mirrored City since Nagash originally cursed it and has been leading his warband in trying to open a portal between it and the Silver Towers for several centuries. With the Necroquake his focus has shifted to collecting and converting Shadeglass relics into arcane lodestones that can be used to anchor Shadespire to the Silver Towers. If he succeeds Tzeentch will most likely will able to claim dominion over the Mirrored City.[1]


As a Magister he is a wizard attuned to magical energy like no other. He knows the unique Sorcerous Insight spell, that improves the commanding ability of an army.[2]


He is armed with a Tzeentchian Runestaff that can be used as both a long range and melee weapon.[2]


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