Vorgen Malendrek

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Vorgen Malendrek was a civil engineer who became Captain of the Freeguild guard in Glymmsforge. Also known as The Hero of Glymmforge.[1] Later becoming a Knight of Shrouds in Nagashs army [2]


Age of Sigmar

Malendrek felt jealousy and bitterness against the Stormcast Eternals of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer because they got all the renown for defending Glymmsforge, while he fought the Slender Knights at the Southgate. His bitterness made him impressionable to Nagash. With the seeking for might and the role to lead instead of following he weakened the defenses of Glymmsforge at the south gate by digging out the purple salt from the arcanogram at the south gate mausoleum. [1]

After this was done he turned renegade becoming a Knight of Shrouds in Nagashs army to besiege Glymmsforge during the Soul Wars [2] During the crusade Malendrek felt the same jealousy against Pharus Thaum fearing that he could steal his renown [3a]


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