Volz Flayfang

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Volz Flayfang is a Warlock Engineer of the Clans Skryre.[1a]

He has a lair in the Fiend Crags in the Vilefang Wastes of the Realm of Ghur.[1a]


A crooked baked piebald Skaven with metal bolted to his skin and many scars, one of his eyes is covered by red glass, copper and wires, whilst the other glows crimson. His tail is forked. [1a]


He sought the ancient magical weapon Mournclaw in the Realm of Ghur, finding that it was hidden in a Duardin barrow which defied all attempts to gain access. Consequently he conceived a plan to lure Durbrord Grimbelly who bore the only key to unlock it to the Black Marsh Barony. [1a]

The Rusted Blades, a small mercenary group and Durblood infiltrated his lair to capture him and gain the location of the barrow. He proved himself highly resistant to interrogation, he offered a deal, his life in exchange for the location - but he had to lead them to it. As they journeyed to the tomb, pursued by Skryre Clanrats, the Rusted Blades began to fragment and he in turn offered the thief Mallorn Tein his life if he aided him. [1a]

When all the humans and the Duardin were dead, Volz claimed Mournclaw. [1a]


He normally carries a large Warplock Pistol. [1a]


Important-smart Volz is to clan. Smart-thinks. Tells clanrats what to do-kill. Make big-boom weapons. Many fall-die at Volz's claws.

~Volz Flayfang to Mallorn.[1a]

The thief. Last fool-meat alive. Better than all-lots of these.....Shame-shame the thief-meat was not born-lived a skaven. Would have done-proved Clans Skryre proud.

~Volz Flayfang to Mallorn.[1a]


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