Volundr of Hesphut

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Volundr of Hesphut , Forgemaster of Aqshy. The Skull-Cracker, The Brass Hand of Hesphut.[2a]

Volundr of Hesphut is a chosen warrior-smith of Khorne a Skullgrinder of the Soulmaw. He had forged weapons without number and fought in the wars in which they were wielded, in doing so he had raised up thousands of heroes and cracked the skulls of thousands more. A former student of Grungni who had freed him from slavery and taught him his craft, having betrayed the smith god he later claimed his forge in the Realm of Aqshy.[1]


He was born a slave in the chattel-pens of the Furnace Kings who forged weapons and armour for the servants of the Dark Gods, before the Azyrites cast down the Bale-Furnace and scattered its rulers. [1]

In the Age of Sigmar he moulded the former prince Anhur of Ytalan who sacrificed hundreds of millions of souls of the Magmatic Crescent to Khorne, before leading him back to take Uryx, once the greaest of the crater-cities of Klaxus and offer it to Khorne. In the ensuing conflict with the Stormcast Eternals, he was defeated in combat by Lord-Relictor Morus Calverius [2a]

Now he is assisted by large Gors, descendants of the Raxulian herds that had once haunted the crater rim of Klaxus. Shaggy and crimson, the beastmen wore muzzles of brass and leather wired to their skulls, and their horns had been shaved and capped with gold. Their smocks were stiff with years of bloodstains, and scars left by fire and lash cut deep trails through their flesh.[1]

After Khorne spoke to him in a dream, he enlisted Ahazian Kel to search for the Eight Lamentations.[1]


I am one of the eight forge-masters of the Soulmaw, and the crafter of the daemon-blade Marrowcutter. It was I that forged the chains of star-metal which bind Ulgl’Agara, She-Who-Eaats-the-Sun, in her bower of bone and shadow. I have wrought a masterpiece of murder in this place, and I shall not allow the broken toys of a feeble godling to undo all my labours.

~ Volundr.[2a]


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