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Vexothskol is an ancient city at the head of the mountain range of Vexothia. It was once the capital and last stronghold of the Draconith before Kragnos exterminated all but the two dragon princes Karazai and Krondys and the Draconith eggs taken in by the Seraphon.[1a] It is said to have been built in the shattered skull of Vexoth, a being that the Draconith believe to be the ancestor of the species.[3a] Since then, it was occupied by an ancient artisan society, which would eventually become the Chaos Cult of the Jade Obelisk during the Age of Chaos. In and around Vexothskol, one can now find numerous monuments erected in honor of the Speaker in the Stone worshipped by these mason-warriors. These monuments are fragments taken from the great monument housed in the citadel of Nephricar at the heart of the city.[2a]