Vertiginous Peaks

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The Vertiginous Peaks are a mountain range on the Ymetrican Geosegment of Hysh and part of the broader Avalenoria range. They are considered cursed by the Lumineth and their Alarith stone-sages do not build temples there, but rather guard the perimeter to keep out anyone foolish to risk venturing into these mountains.[1a]


Until the War of Light and Death, the mountains were dominated by the Vertigon Flesh-Eater Court, lead by the Bright Emperor, Abhorrant Archregent Gorstane Mortevell.[2a][2b] While other forces had attempted to make the mountains a base from which to attack the Lumineth of the Great Nation of Ymetrica, the ghouls repulsed all invaders. The ghouls themselves mainly occupied their time with internal politicking and mostly did not venture outside their territory, so the Lumineth seemed content to let them be.[1a]

In the wake of the War of Light and Death, the Ossiarch Bonereaper Liege-Kavalos Horrek Venzai has fortified the mountains and demanded loyalty from the remaining ghouls. Despite Mortevell's oath of fealty during the war and the heavy casualties suffered by the mordants, Venzai has brutally subjugated the ghouls for what he believes is their treachery against Nagash.[3a]

The Curse

According to what little coherent information can be gleaned from the ghouls, they believe that the Vertiginous Peaks were once visited by Ushoran himself, and the Summerking left behind some measure of his essence. Whether this is true or simply another manifestation of the court's madness is unknown, but the ghouls have been there for so long that some scholars speculate that even the mountains themselves could be affected by their madness.[1a]

After the rise of the Bright Emperor, a fervent believer in the benevolence of Nagash, grisly shrines and corpse-fane temples have multiplied across the mountains. These shrines attracted Shyishan energies and amplified the curse, distorting the natural light into strange hues and calling for gory offerings. However, many of these shrines were either destroyed in the war or taken down to supply the Ossiarchs with raw materials.[1a][1b]