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Vermalanx is a Verminlord Corruptor of the Clans Pestilens. He was the primary agent of the Great Horned Rat in the Realm of Ghyran throughout the War of Life until he was destroyed by Alarielle during the Realmgate Wars.[1a][2b][2d]


Age of Chaos

Age of Sigmar

  • With promises of a spell that could capture a Stormcast Eternal, he convinces the Grey Seer Skurrik to steal an ancient urn from Nurgle's Manse. Vermalanx then gives the urn to Kratsik and orders him to burn its contents in his Plague Furnace near the corrupted realmgate in the Glade of Horned Growths. He fully expects the sylvaneth to attack to stop the foul rot-smog that will be produced, and then he will capture the tree-things and use them to find Alarielle.[2b]
  • The sylvaneth attack proves stronger than expected and Kratsik and his followers are annihilated. Vermalanx considers it a success, however, for he discovers that one of the sylvaneth's allies, the Stormcast Eternal Gardus Steel Soul, knows the way to Alarielle's hidden vale of Athelwyrd.[2c]
  • When Vermalanx attempts to ambush Alarielle during the Battle of the Hidden Vale, the goddess binds him with life magic and destroys him by causing an oak to sprout from within him.[2d]


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