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Verdantia is one of the Jade Kingdoms of the Realm of Ghyran and home to an enclave of the Dreadwood Glade of the Sylvaneth, Clan Thyrghael.[1]


Like much of the Realm, here for untold years war has been fought between the Sylvaneth and the followers of Nurgle and in Verdantia this continued into the Age of Sigmar.[1b]

Flora and Fauna

  • Chitterpine: a plant found on high ledges.[1b]
  • Ghunkha: A large black and slimy (fifteen foot or more) maggot like creature with stubby legs and tentacles - they have bulbous eyes and fang filled jaws. Its meat is a little bitter but good when cooked. [1d]
  • Gloamingbell: a plant found on high ledges.[1b]
  • Tattakan: Insect children of the Godbeast Tatto'Na'Kotto, the Mourne tribe used them as mounts for their warriors.[1d]



  • Everwash: A vast river delta that marks the southern boundary of the Kingdom - it has never fallen to Chaos.[1b]
  • Forest of Ghosts: Home to Clan Thyrghae.[1]
  • Tarrowhane Mountains
    • Highcrater Watch: Swifthawk Agents lodge and watchtower established for thirty years, destroyed by unknown enemies using magical fire and stealth.[1a]