Verdant Bay

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The Verdant Bay is a location in the Realm of Ghyran[1]


Before the Age of Chaos it was home to a cluster of port cities, but it was claimed by Nurgle worshippers led by the Order of the Fly. [1]

The Hallowed Knights aatacked the three vast sargasso-citadels at the entrance to the bay following their cleansing of the Plains of Vo. after hard fighting, the manged to defeat the defenders, some of whom retreated to the far shore and the Blighted Duchies [1]


  • Sargasso-citadels Known as First, Second and Third Circle respectively, they were a mix of stone, fossilised sargassum, the bones of creatures and even captured sylvaneth. At the heart of Third Circle was a Realmgate - The Gate of Weeds.[1]