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Verda the Sworn, Bringer of Change is a Darkoath Warqueen who leads the Untamed, a gathering of Chaos worshipping tribes in the Realm of Aqshy [1]

She had two huge warhounds as large as warhorses - Balkar and Bailer which drew her copper chariot. [1a]


Her head is mostly shaved with a short Mohawk that ends in a thick ponytail whilst her body is tall and lean. [1a] In battle she carried no shield and was armoured with only an iron and spiked shoulder plate whilst trophies of teeth hung around her neck. Her favoured weapon is her magical spear Biurtan, which she can call back to her hand when thrown. [1c]


Verda has a large family, before the attack on the Abattoir she had five surviving sibling warriors as well as uncles and cousins:[1b]


In the Age of Sigmar Verda united the many Tzeentch worshipping tribes and crushed most of the Khorne worshipping invaders and their strongholds in the Arad Plains. She then marched upon their last stronghold the Abattoir ruled by Khrall and garrisoned by Blood Warriors [1a]

However they proved a far more formidable foe than previous enemies, the Untamed only killing dozens for the loss of hundreds. Her sanorach, Almius advised her to enter the stronghold and seek out its lord which she did with four of her siblings, fighting their way through the gates but once they were within the sorcerer closed them behind her, seeking himself as the next champion of Tzeentch. [1d]

Zuchis is quickly killed but Dyna and Ederata hold back the Blood Warriors as Verda and Tuarth seek Khrall, but they are slowly overwhelmed as Khrall watched. Ederata and Dyna are slain and the two remaining siblings clubbed into unconsciousness. [1e]

Verda and Tuarth are imprisoned with other captives including human duardin, troggoth and aelf and made to fight in an elaborate arena. [1f] They try to make her battle her tortured and maddened hound Bailer, but she manages to throw her into the audience where the massive dog kills a number of Blood Warriors before she dies. The watching Khrall approves of her growing prowess and cunning, even speaking of the path to power with her but in time she loses her last brother. [1g]

Time passes as she grows stronger, a more effective and cunning fighter until one day a Stormcast Eternal, Savin joins them in captivity. [1h] She draws attention away from him as he constructs a device to summon aid and when it comes takes advantage of the opportunity and escapes, even recovering her spear. [1i]

Now with the favour of two of the gods rather than only that of Tzeentch, she takes vengeance on the traitor, Alimus [1j] and this time when the Blood Warriors come to meet her again – they kneel to her. [1k]


We’re here to kill, sister. That’s how we’ll prove our worth to the Lord of Change. That’s how we’ll survive this world. We must fight harder and better than anyone else. That’s all that matters – skill, strength, determination. The rest is a trap. The world is cruel, Arva, so we have to stay strong. Understand?

~Vedra to Arva.[1b]


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