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Vengorian Lords are a monstrous kind of Soulblight Vampire Lord. They are misshapen and hideous creatures that embody the vicious nature that lurks within every vampire, bearing the appearance of a regular vampiric torso, but from the waist down their bodies are twisted amalgamations of chiropteran behemoth and loathsome reptile, with mismatched limbs, tattered wings and rending claws. They are wracked with self-loathing, taking it out upon all unfortunate enough to gaze upon them. [1a]


The vampires that went on to become Vengorians were those most attuned to magic. They detected the first stirrings of the Arcanum Optimar and travelled to cities closest to Nagashizzar to bathe in the coming storm of death magic. When the Necroquake broke, however, they received far more than they bargained for. Even they lords of evil could not endure such potent ending-magics and remain unchanged, turning them into they monsters they truly were. It is common for Vengorians to tell themselves that they have merely mastered the Necroquake - this is a lie, as their colossal egos struggle to cope with the fact that they are us hideous on the outside as they are within. [1a]


Vengorian Lords emerge from their lairs only to lead crusades of spiteful retribution, a manifestation of their self-hate. While some claim to be the truest and most beautiful of vampires, privately all but the most demented recognise that they are little better than the wretched abhorrants of the Flesh-Eater Courts or other degenerate Beasts of the Grave. [1a]

To deny the truth of what has become of them, Vengorians order their minions to do any number of things to hide any reflection of their monstrous form; they will be ordered smash mirrors in advance of their arrival, to construct elaborate ballroom masks and monstrous, form-fitting gowns from the stitched-together flesh of the dead, and to sorcerously rust the armour of enemy troops. Even a goblet of fresh vitae might lead such a beast to catch sight of their dreadful appearance, and so they feed near exclusively upon scabbed and clotted blood. [1a]


They can harness death magic to conjure bleak squalls that belch forth showers of festering gore or even transmute entire freshwater lakes into turgid, bloody ooze. As such, lands claimed by a Vengorian Lord will - if not already arid and barren - will inevitably succumb to desiccation and drought. But in he selfish mind of a Vengorian, if this prevents them from having to gaze upon the ruin of their ambition, they consider it a fair trade. [1a]


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