Velaza Bentessas

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Velaza Bentessas is a soulblight vampire Blood Knight in the service of Queen Neferata, the Mortarch of Blood. [1]


She is a massively built woman. [1a]


She was trained in the art of spycraft by Lady Mereneth herself before being dispatched to Angaria in the guise of a butcher. There she plied her trade and watched, killing those that challenged her or attempted to rob or kill her. Not being able to feed whilst being able to kill at will she found difficult - a challenge to maintain control. [1a]

Spy Ring

In Angaria she worked with several others: [1a]

  • Epikente: Like Guessa she lives in darkness and is hard to perceive even for her vampire sisters. [1a]
  • Guessa: Winged, bald and thin, she was unable to pass as a mortal, she blended easily with the shadows. [1a]
  • Tavensia: Slight of build, she posed as a Scribe.[1a]


Your concealment will come through your visibility. This is a society where hidden violence is of no value. Do not seek out battle, but do not turn from it. When you must kill, do so with utmost savagery. Walk the streets soaked in the blood of challengers and you will vanish. You will be simply a natural part of the world Graunos has created. Let everyone look at you, and none will see you.

~ Neferata to Velaza.[1a]


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