Vault of Souls

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The Vault of Souls is an Shyishian predatory endless spell composed of a eerie spectral casket filled with skull-shaped souls it has siphoned from mortals. It siphons away souls, engorging on them until it too much pressure and busts into a lethal explosion.[1][2]


This spell creates a spectral casket at the wizard's command. It can only be summoned by Nighthaunt wizards and Nagash.[2]


This flying spell draws the life-essence of those near it, draining them of their souls until they die. While in the Realm of Shyish this spell range grows stronger, sucking souls from farther away than if it was summoned in other realms. The spell is inherently greedy and once it has sucked too many souls, the captured spirit will make too much pressure on the chest and it will burst it open, creating a powerful explosion of skull-shaped souls that tear those nearby in a desperation to escape.[1][2]