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Vasara was a soulblight vampire and Blood Knight, a former Kastelai she became Queen of the Broken Plains of the Realm of Aqshy and after her destruction she became a ghost in Nyssa Volari's head. [1b]


She had red, three inch long talons. [1d]


When Corsovo made Nyssa, she kept a close eye on her, her disapproval obvious in her eyes although she did not speak of it. However when the new vampire was challenged by Sevik who sought revenge on the elder vampire, Vasara had intervened to stop him killing the girl. She then told her that Corsovo was more like a father to her than an owner - shortly after Nyssa began calling him Father. [1d]

Vasara was one of the Kastelai who rode out from the Crimson Keep when it appeared atop the ancient ruins of a castle near the city of Maar. They slaughtered a dozen bands of nomads who were besieging Maar, the cohort of Corsovo Volari pursuing them into the night, killing and feeding well. However as they returned, lazy and sated, they saw the Keep vanish - most of the vampires swiftly died, tied too closely to their home but Corsovo and Vasara led them to Maar, discovering that the people saw them as saviours. [1a]

Sixty years after they came to the Plains, the vampires were expanding, moving towards Gowyn as they folded in the local nomads to their empire, but one leader of the tribes, Celas was uniting the bandsagainst them. Vasara went to treat with him but it was a trap as he wanted her blood and although she killed dozens she was burnt and destroyed [1c] in her wounded state by oil lamps thrown by Celasian. [1f]

Corsovo interned her remains in a grand marble tomb in the the tunnels below the Grey Palace and on the anniversary of her death opened it and spilled blood on her blackened bones hoping she would heal and arise as other vampires had done. However rather than being reborn in the world, she began to haunt Nyssa, first as a faint whisper and then fully in her thoughts. [1c]


  • Grey Palace: Her home in Maar. [1b]


. [1b]


But we are also Kastelai, and alone among all the vampire dynasties we embrace a code of honour. The others may call it a weakness, but that is their mistake. Let the Legion of Night have secrecy, the Legion of Blood cunning. Let the Vyrkos have ferocity, let the Avengorii become fear. We will have honour, and it will make us stronger than any of them, because it gives us discipline. With that we leash the beast that lives in our blood to our will, and become Kastelai. Unfailing in word and deed, forever.

~ Vasara to Nyssa.[1e]


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