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Ghoul King Varshorn rules Starfang Mont as a vassal of the Bright Emperor Gorstane Mortevell of the Vertigon Flesh-Eater Court in the Vertiginous Peaks of Hysh.[1a][2a]


Unlike his liege, Varshorn has a decidedly negative view of Nagash. This made him an outcast at Mortevell's court, and in order to be rid of him, Mortevell granted him the "honour" of ruling the distant and isolated Starfang Mont.[1a]

While his liege viewed him as a heretic - albeit one too powerful within the court's elaborate feudal system to be disposed of directly - Varshorn saw Mortevell as a fanatic and a fool. He used his exile to protect other dissidents and prepare for what he believed was an inevitable storm.[1a]

Though out of favour with his liege, his efforts to protect his charges has ensured that Varshorn remains beloved by the peasantry.[1a]

When the Ossiarch Bonereapers invaded Hysh during the War of Light and Death, Varshorn and the Boneshaper Xaramos quickly came to mutually respect each other for their skill at arms. For Varshorn, at least, it was also a friendship - though any amicable relationship came to a violent end when he refused to pay the ever-increasing bone tithe demanded by the Ossiarchs.[1a]


While he can summon an impressive levy of mordant peasants and men-at-arms, much as any ruler of his stature could, the greatest of Varshorn's forces are his elite Deadwatch - in his mind, an elite lance of pegasus-mounted knights, but in reality a large brood of Crypt Infernals. The high peaks of Starfang Mont provide excellent eyries, and Varshorn has expanded and fortified the mountain, as well as "knighting" many new members of the Deadwatch, in preparation for the disaster he feared.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

  • Varshorn is exiled to Starfang Mont for his doubts about his liege's faith.[1a]
  • Fearful of what may befall the kingdom, Varshorn sets his vassals to expanding his new domain's defences.[1a]

War of Light and Death

  • Emperor Mortevell pledges his allegiance to the invading Ossiarch Bonereaper forces, believing them to be holy warriors blessed by the benevolent Nagash the Father. As his vassal, Varshorn is also required to muster his forces. He does so, but quietly leaves a large part of the Deadwatch to guard Starfang Mont - far more than Mortevell knows, for Varshorn has quietly been expanding the elite unit.[1a]
  • The Boneshaper Xaramos joins his forces to Varshorn's. During their campaign - especially after Varshorn masterminds the deception that allows for the Ravage of Elthondu - Xaramos develops an appreciation for the abhorrant's military mind, and Varshorn believes the two have become friends. The king even invites the Ossiarch to a victory feast; the Ossiarch attends but does not taste any of the delicacies on offer.[1a]

Charnel War

  • Faced with stubborn Lumineth resistance and scorched-earth tactics, Xaramos increases the bone tithe on the ghouls. While Varshorn is willing to make sacrifices in war and willingly strips his holdings and gives up his jewels, he draws the line at killing his serfs to meet the tithe. He attempts to negotiate a more palatable arrangement with the Ossiarchs, but Xaramos springs an ambush at the negotiations, killing many of Varshorn's closest retainers. The king himself only escapes due to the dedication of his peasant levies, who swarm in when the alarm is raised and fight a desperate rearguard action. Varshorn retreats to form a defensive line deeper in the mountain.[1a][1b]
  • The Deadwatch dive down from their high perches to attack the Ossiarchs, creating an opening for Varshorn to lead a spirited counter-attack. Xaramos is slain by the king's own hand.[2b]


Summon the men; sound the clarion horn. Each second we claim is a chance to repay the Reapers their infidelity.

~ King Varshorn.[1b]

Xaramos, you craven. You, who I named friend and considered the greatest of your kind. Now look at you, come to do the bidding of a tyrant realms away, at the cost of your honour.

~ King Varshorn.[1b]


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