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Three Vargheist miniatures.

Vargheists wee once noble Soulblight vampires, but have since devolved into ravenous blood-thirsty predators.[1a][2]

Vargoyles are their leaders and they do more attacks than their lesser counterparts.[1a][2]


They are towering humanoids, several times taller than a man, and covered in hideous, wiry musculature. Their heads have crests and strange fang-filled faces and their upper limbs are enormous fibrous, leathery wings that grant them flight while their lower ones end in clawed feet.[1a][2]


As they are the darkness of a vampire soul, the animal hunger unrestrained, made manifest all of their sophistication and reason is gone, replaced with pure bestial ferocity. They only care to gorge on the blood of the living, savagely leaping upon their prey and tear them apart with murderous fangs and talons to feast on the gore.[1a][1b][2]



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