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Varanite of the Eightpoints.

Varanite also known as Bloodrock, Octarite or Archaon's Gift is the Realmstone of the Eightpoints.[1a][2] It is unknown if the Allpoints had a realmstone before Archaon corrupted it but now only Varanite exists.


It is a magical material suffused with the energies of Chaos that resembles red-hot, bubbling gore in its natural state and are found in veins running in gushing channels below the crust of the Eightpoints.[1a][2]


It causes rapid mutations similar to Warpstone but to a far greater and more unpredictable extent.[1a][2] Varanite is pure mutation, capable of causing greater and faster changes than even warpstone. Some believe warpstone and varanite are the same substance as they are both realmstones of Chaos. But the two have different properties and while warpstone represents more of Chaos in its aspect of ruination, varanite represents Chaos in its aspect of corruption.[3a] Varanite forms when Chaos energy spilled from the Varanspire fuses with spilled blood, both of which are common across the Eightpoints and varanite exists far away from the Varanspire.[3a]


Varanite is mined using unwilling slaves of Chaos warlords while in large scale operations daemonic bore-wyrms are used to drink the molten varanite and store it.[3a]


Unlike warpstone the effects of varanite mostly work by contact than simple proximity and it is rarely used as fuel. Those that come into contact with raw varanite rapidly degenerate into horrors and even a blank stone wall can sprout organs with a few drops, the effect is also believed to be similar on the mind based on the behaviour of its victims. Varanite can be cooled and purified through sorcery but its mutative property does not change thus blades could be forged with the ability to sprout teeth on a victim's body by a simple scratch which would then devour the victim alive. There are only a few recorded instances of warriors donning varanite armour and these describe armour fusing with skin, forming bone plate and leathery hide. However due to its extremely hazardous nature even compared to other realmstone varanite weapons are extremely rare even among the armies of Archaon. Varanite can even corrupt those that are immune to the taint of Chaos such as the structural foundations of a realmgate, a trait Archaon attempted to exploit to re-open the Arcway of Azyr using enormous amounts of varanite. [1a][2][3a]

Varanite even holds the power to transform a mortal into a god such as when Morathi used varanite as a catalyst for her ascension into godhood. Despites its great power it comes with many hazards, varanite turns any terrain it touches into a hellscape indistinguishable from the Realm of Chaos, slaves die in the hundreds just to make a few varanite weapons and even after extensive processing and purification a single accident could end the user of a varanite weapon. This is largely due to the fact that unlike other types of realmstone the effects of varanite are neither subtle nor come in gradual stages but instead the consequences are almost immediate. While warpstone tempts tempts users to a path of ruin varanite shows mortals they have no choices at all, an irony considering Archaon’s contempt for all gods.[3a]


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