Vanari Dawnrider

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A Vanari Dawnrider

The Vanari Dawnriders is the cavalry of the Lumineth, who ride upon beautiful stallions native to the plains of Xintil.[1a]

The Steedmasters that lead Dawnrider units are wizards capable of accessing the Lore of Hysh.[2]


They have formed a powerful bond with a Xintilian Stallion, allowing each to instinctively know what the other will do a moment before they do it. The stallions are each given a name not chosen consciously but sought through inspiration as the rider presses their forehead against that of their horse.[1a]


When the Vanari ride together, they do so as a blur of glorious light even through the densest and most tangled environments. In battle they charge through enemy ranks in a blazing a white trail before curving around in a tight parabola and plunging in again. It is said that a full formation of Dawnriders can ride down an enemy force that outnumbers them ten times over.[1a]


They are armed with magical Sunmetal Lances with tips that can be superheated with magic and burn right through the bodies of enemies. The Steedmaster often also carries a Guardian's Sword.[1a][2]


‘Over the hill she rode, all shiny and silver-bright. She treated her lance more like a paintbrush than a weapon, her horse more like a dance partner than a mount. I thought her light’d ruin my eyes, but still I could not look away.’

~Bemman Yal, Freeguild Guard of Settler’s Gain.[3a]



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