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Pict Vampire.jpg
A Soulblight Vampire Lord.
Grand alliance Death
Associated factions Flesh-eater Courts
Grand Host of Nagash
Legion of Sacrament
Legion of Blood
Origins Nagash's creations
Type Undead

Vampires are one of the most powerful types of Undead that can be found throughout the Mortal Realms.


Vampires are unnatural creatures, a form of twisted unlife whose origins ultimately stem from Nagash himself. The first Vampires were created by Neferata when she was an ambitious mortal queen using the necromantic knowledge of Nagash. In return for all their new-found power and immortality they were cursed to feed upon fresh blood for sustenance or wither away to a final, bleak oblivion.[5a][5b]

Vampires in the Mortal Realms descend from the dark triad of Neferata, Mannfred and Ushoran. While Ushoran's brood were to degenerate into the delusional abhorrant cannibal kings, those sired by the Mortarchs came to exemplify the pale and refined image of a vampiric aristocrat.[5a][5b]

Vampires are almost exclusively human in origin but the cause for this is unknown. There are multiple theories for this such as a jealous curse inflicted by Elder Bones, vampires simply preferring to grant the blood kiss to those of a similar origin or that the longer lived races have less inclination to seek immortality. However the legends of Necros claim that at least one aelf has succumbed to the curse over the millennia.[5c]


Unlike most other undead, vampires retain all the intelligence, will, ambition and desires from their lives. This means that, unlike them they can continue to grow and learn, spending their immortal lives perfecting skills and honing plans and schemes. The lords and ladies of Nulahmia and other such strongholds of their kind compete in political games of subtlety that make take centuries to play out.[4]

Mortals who are transformed by the Curse gain many benefits - unnatural strength, incredible resilience and of course immortality, yet they become subject to the insatiable need to feed on fresh blood. If the thirst is not temporarily quenched, then the vampire can become little more than a mindless monster, only seeking to feed the predatory urges.[2c] Thus all vampires wrestle with a constant desire to sup upon the blood of their former kindred – an ever-present hunger that, in almost every case, eventually comes to overwhelm them.[5a][5b]

In addition to their thirst for blood Vampires are driven by a lust for domination, a trait acquired from the Great Necromancer.[5a] As Vampires travelled to new lands and developed new obsessions, the magics of the Eight Realms also began to alter the curse within them. While the constant blood-hunger remained, some found the bestial aspects of their personality sharpened, their command of necromancy intensified, or even stranger alterations.[5b]


Across the Mortal Realms, there are many legends about such creatures, some spread by the vampires themselves – few are accurate. Contrary to some legends Vampires do not immolate when touched by Hysh's light, but loathe, despise or fear its scouring brilliance and take refuge beneath shadows and colossal swarms of bats where possible. They do not need permission to enter a royal abode and scattered sourwart seeds or flowing rivers cannot stop them. Some vampires of lesser power and will can be warded away by fastening an upsidedown straw doll to the door with a silver nail or covering oneself in week-old ashsprig. The only sure way to end a vampire, is the complete destruction of its physical form as leaving even a small part may allow it to reform over time.[2c][5c]


Vargheists are the bestial heart of the curse – huge bat winged abominations that are much larger than their civilised cousins – closer to the dark mirror of the Abhorrant Ghoul Kings. They do not sip the blood of the chosen from jewelled chalices, but rather tear their prey apart and lap up the spilled blood. Should a soulblight vampire go too long without blood, he or she may revert to this form and there is no way to return – some vampires impose this as a punishment on wayward kin. Yet even these monsters can be revered – as with the Avengorii Dynasty in the Realm of Ghur whose champions undergo the mas'ranga ritual willingly. [2c]

Cursed Bloodlines

Over time each of the dynasties or legions of vampires have developed their own characteristics, often shaped by their leaders, customs and desires and with their own methods of warfare. The most preeminent among them are the:

  • Avengorii have abandoned the pretence of humanity and have become gruesome horrors that seek to feed on the largest and most worthy brutes of Ghur. Their bodies have become twisted while their minds turns more deranged over time. Their armies are little more than a rampaging pack of monstrous creatures.[6]
  • Kastelai is a bloodline that resides in the Crimson Keep, a magical castle that translocates across the Mortal Realms and serve Prince Vhordrai, the Fist of Nagash. They are the most warlike and martial-minded vampires, their armies composed of well-drilled cavalry that values feats of skill and strength in combat.[6]
  • Vyrkos are the spawn of Belladamma Volga and are said to be the creation of the Godbeast Hrunspuul. This bloodline has a connection to totemic animal-spirits, primary among them the wolf, causing many of their warriors to manifest lupine feature and the ability to command packs of Dire Wolves.[6]

Other Groupings

Several additional vampiric groups have been recorded:

  • Abhorrant are the spawn of Ushoran and the masters of the Mordants and Flesh-Eater Courts.[7a][7b]
  • Khirogarvii: A Avengorii ofshoot that venerates terrorgheists as shards of Nagash.[5d]
  • Tengorez of Realm of Hysh are described as withered vampires that inhabit crystal lairs, only emerging to capture arcane war machines of Xintill to corrupt them into focus of necromantic energies.[5b]
  • The tribal chieftains of Ghur that have abandoned the trappings of nobility are savage and bestial, bearing huge fangs and covered in heavy course hair.[2c]
  • The Vampires of Realm of Aqshy struggle to control their ranging passing. They are known to spread their bloodline as far as possible.[5b]
    • In the Parching Wastes of Aqshy there are vampires that are almost skeletal, pale skinned and with knife-like talons.[2c]

Lands of Vampires

Throughout the Mortal Realms, vampires rule over a variety of lands, some of these see the mortal inhabitants of the domains treated as nothing more than cattle, others where they are integrated into the complex social structure - although of course, the Soulblight vampires remain at the pinnacle. [2c]



Before the release of Battletome: Soulblight Gravelords (2021) there were four main bloodlines of vampire, each of them with a specific affinity[1][2d]:

  • Dragon Warriors with superior combat skills.[1][2d]
  • Lords of Night with the ability to more easily influence their minions.[1][2d]
  • Necromantic with the ability to cause fear and superior wizardry.[1][2d]
  • Swift Death with superior speed and agility.[1] [2d]


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