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Valrhaf are the dominant people of the land of Cotha, a vast tundra with snowcapped mountains in the northwest reaches of the Great Parch. They formed long ago during the bloody days of the Age of Chaos, from the remnants of the fishing communities that once dotted the coasts of Cotha. They are brutal followers of the Ice Reaver.[1a]


Age of Myth

Long ago great fishing communities could be found all along Cotha's shores and the tribes that lived within them hunted using harpoons made of nevermelting ice.[1a]

Age of Chaos

During the bloody and horrific Age of Chaos many of the tribes of Cotha fell to darkness and became the Valrhaf, who worship the Ice Reaver, who is merely the dreaded Blood God by another name. Their turn to darkness has corrupted them and their traditions.[1a]


The Valrhaf have turned to worshiping the Ice Reaver and wield harpoons made of frozen blood, which can shred through steel as easily as paper.[1a]