Valley of the Oracle's Eye

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Valley of the Oracle's Eye is the location of a temple-stronghold of the Khelt Nar sect of the Daughters of Khaine in the Realm of Ghyran.[1a]

To the local inhabitants it is a semi-mythical place where the Fair Ones dwell, creatures who hate the forces of Chaos, especially Slaanesh. They are described in the legends as either incredibly beautiful or monstrous and snake-haired. [1a]

The valley is cloaked in trees with blood red leaves, now freed from the decay of Nurgle but they and most living things are known to be venomous. Moving from west to east the trees grow smaller animals appear stranger, darker in hue with long pale limbs and white eyes whilst the sky is increasingly shrouded.[1a]

At its heart a stone street lined with statues of the Daughters of Khaine leads to a nest of incredibly tall, slender towers that make up the temple complex. Statues guard the entrances with an idol of Khaine above the doors.[1a]

The interior is lit by pale blue torches but they also enhance the darkness in the corners. In its centre is the altar to the God, a great cauldron of burning blood with a statue of Khaine towering above it. From this, snakes sometimes emerge and larger creatures of the god slumber. Interior garden courtyards house neat plantings of poisonous plants such as Strikeweed, Grave-eye and Neolinem.[1a]

The temple will aid local people or those fighting Chaos in exchange for blood. [1a]


In the Age of Sigmar the local village of Varna was repeatedly attacked by followers of Slaanesh and Nurgle. Disagreeing with her elders, one of the villagers Laila went to the valley to seek aid – willing to pay the price in blood, although she did not understand fully the bargain. When the forces of Slaanesh under Lord Zertalalian came again the daughters of Khaine arrived and slaughtered them before taking the blood they required. [1a]


  • Cesse: Head Priestess of the temple in the Age of Sigmar. [1a]


Let us move beyond simple legends, shall we? My name is Cesse, and this is a temple of the Khelt Nar, a sisterhood devoted to the defeat of Chaos under Khaine’s holy guidance.

~Cesse .[1a]

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