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Valkia the Bloody.

Valkia the Bloody is a brutal warrior-queen of the Khorne Bloodbound. She is a figure of devotion for the followers of Khorne and a figure of terror for the denizens of the Mortal Realms, and in her presence the forces of the Blood God fight even harder, for they know the gaze of Khorne is upon them.[1b][2b][3a][4a][5]


Valkia is known by many names throughout the Mortal Realms. In Aqshy, the tribes speak of the Gorequeen; in the Realm of Hysh, they fear Lady Wrath. The orruks of the Skulltop Forest call her Da Red Spear while the duardin of Rockenfall name her Bloodwitch.[1a] The preachers of the Devoted of Sigmar call her the Red Angel of Slaughter.[4a] She is so high in Khorne's favour that some even call her the Consort of Khorne.[3a]


While she is a winged warrior-queen with few equals, Valkia's most famous gift from her divine paramour is her ability to revive those recently fallen who have shown themselves to be powerful warriors, imbuing them with daemonic energy so that they can continue to fight on in Khorne's name. Once the battle is over, these revenants fall once more, their souls drawn to the Gorequeen's fortress of Mount Ashenfel.

Even on the few times she has been bested in combat, Khorne himself has breathed life back into her, so impressed is he with her pure rage. As long as she continues to have the Blood God's favour, the Mortal Realms will not be rid of the Gorequeen.[1b][2b][4a]


Deep in the Khorne's domain in the Realm of Chaos is the volcanic fortress of Mount Ashenfel, where Valkia holds court. Those who impress her find their souls drawn to the fortress, condemned to fight eternally in the depths of the mountain.[1b]


Valkia wields the barbed spear Slaupnir, a relic of her time as a mortal woman. With it, she strikes from the sky, killing even the hardiest foes in one spectacularly gruesome strike.[4a][5]

In her other hand, she carries the Daemonshield. Legend says that the Slaaneshi Daemon Prince Locephax once claimed that Valkia would be better as his slave, and in return she decapitated him and fashioned his still-living head into her shield - a brutal warning to those who would face her.[4a][5]


Before the Ages

Old tales say that Valkia was once a mortal war-chief who was so devoted to Khorne that her own tribe feared her and so gathered to strike her down. She was so enraged at her betrayal by her people that she fought like a Bloodthirster, killing hundreds with Slaupnir before finally being dragged down and slain. However, her fury had drawn the gaze of Khorne, and he breathed new life into his favoured warrior. Rising again, filled with fiendish power, she slew the remainder of her tribe before travelling to the Blood God's domain and being reborn as a daemon queen. There, she carved out her own kingdom in Mount Ashenfel.[1b][2b][4a]

Age of Chaos

She once led her Gorechosen to attack the icy halls of the duardin king Stromnir. They held back five hundred duardin warriors long enough to summon a daemon horde and turn the battle into a slaughter.[2a]

She led an army of Bloodbound to attack the orruks of Badstomp's Tribe. Though the orruks held out at Slaughterpoint for some time, a charge finally smashed their stockade and they were slaughtered.[1a][2a]

Age of Sigmar

Realmgate Wars

When the Realmgate Wars began, Valkia was in Asphyxia in Aqshy, which had long been consumed in brutal wars between the Bloodbound and the remaining kingdoms of the continent. She flew high above the battlefields, looking for worthy disciples and sweeping down to claim any exceptional warriors as her own - and spearing them with Slaupnir if they refused. She found the cavalry of the Redblade Riders to be of particular interest, and found many new followers among their ranks. However, the Riders' devotion to Khorne also drew the attention of others from above - Lord-Relictor Ionus Cryptborn of the Hammers of Sigmar had marked them for death for their brutality.[3a]

However, soon a more insidious threat would show itself. Bloab Rotspawned, Lord of the Daemonflies, had unleashed a Plague of Atrophy on Aqshy, and as it spread across Asphyxia along with the Maggotkin, both the Gorequeen and the Cryptborn saw the need to stop it. They each asked their gods for aid, and each sent help in their own way.[3b]

Sigmar sent the Celestant-Prime, who, along with his retinue of Hallowed Knights Prosecutors, held off both the Nurglites and the Khornates long enough for the Stormcast on the ground to regroup. The Celestant-Prime himself duelled Valkia for a time, but eventually they were separated without either being the victor.[3b]

Khorne sent Skarbrand crashing to the battlefield. Wherever the Bloodthirster stepped, the plague and the daemonflies that carried it was burned away, and soon the Rotbringers retreated. As the battle with the Bloodbound intensified, fuelled by Skarbrand's rage, Ionus Cryptborn made a desperate gambit and sent the battle - Stormcast, Bloodbound, Skarbrand, and all - through the Hengegate to the Unreachable Mountain. This was as Valkia had planned, for she knew that Skarbrand could not burn the plague from Aqshy by himself, but the mystical powers of the Crystal Henge on the Unreachable Mountain could amplify his rage a hundredfold and send it wide across the realm.[3c][3d]

And indeed that was what happened. Cryptborn baited Skarbrand into the Henge, and the daemon's rage purged the plague from Aqshy. It also caused no small amount of carnage, for every mortal in the Flameworlds was filled with fury and attacked what they could. Valkia, appreciating Cryptborn's warrior spirit and tactical mind, showed him the honour of throwing Slaupnir through his heart.[3e]


My Lord Khorne wants bloodshed, nothing more. It is your coward god who robs their strength.

~Valkia to Ionus Cryptborn .[3a]



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