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Valkia the Bloody is a brutal warrior-queen of the Khorne Bloodbound that wields the great spear Slaupnir and a Daemonshield mounted with the head of a Daemon Prince.[4]

Each time she has died, Khorne himself has breathed life back into her so impressed is he with her pure rage. [3]


In the Realm of Chaos, she carved her own fiefdom from Mount Ashenfel, a volcanic fortress. [3]

Led her Gorechosen to attack the halls of the duardin king Stromnir, holding back five hundred duardin warriors long enough to summon a daemon horde and turn the battle into a slaughter.[2]

Later she fought in the Realm of Aqshy in the continent of Asphyxia where she searched of worthy disciples and killed by herself both champions of Khorne and Stormcast Eternals that proved themselves as exceptionally great warriors.[3]


Your mortal friends are weak, it seems and my own not much better. I expected more of a fight. My Lord Khorne wants bloodshed, nothing more. It is your coward god who robs their strength

~Valkia to Ionus Cryptborn .[1a]



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