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Ushoran is a ancient Vampire from the World-that-Was and founder of the Flesh-Eater Courts. [1a]

He is also known as the Blood Rose Prince,[1a] the Carrion King, [1b] the Sombre Paladin and the Sumeros Summerking. [1a]



He was once a noble of of the city of Lahmia and some legends even speak of a link to the Mortarch Neferata, first of the Soulblight Vampires. [1a]

Age of Myth

In ancient times it is said he was creatly respected by the people of the Realm of Shyish [1a] who created statues of him in their churches and crypts [1b] and even scattered graverose petals in advance of his arrival. [1a] It was said that he could control his thirst for blood so well that he could go without feeding for decades at a time. Yet there was also a darker side. [1b]

When roused to anger, his wrath was terrible with his full rage reserved for those that robed the dead or perverted the cycle of life and death. Some however claimed that the nobility of the Summerking was a mere mask as he plotted against Nagash. When he finally challenged the Great Necromancer, his true form was revealed as a hulking monsters who was tortured and borken before being driven into exile. [1b]

Where once he had been welcome, now he was attacked or at the very least met with revulsion - his control over his blood-lust was shattered and now he required more and more blood to satisfy himself. Soon even this was not enough and he began to devour carrion and when his remaining followers found him they joined him in his bestial revels - becoming the first of the Flesh-Eater Courts. Ushoran and his courtiers now began to raid the lands of Nagash until he dispatched his Mortarchs to capture him which they did, but only after a war so brutal and costly, it is forbidden to speak of it in Nagashizzar. [1b]

Ushoran was sealed into the Shroudcage - the most feared of the dungeons of Nagash with the spirits of the insane bound into the walls to break his mind over the next few centuries as his body had been. [1b]

Age of Chaos

As Sigmar and Nagash went to war, the cage was shattered and the Carrion King broke free and loped into the darkness where he began to build his court once more. He rescued the few of his inner circle that had survived but already tormented, they were quickly subsumed by their lord's insanity.[1b]

They still saw themselves as persecuted nobles, some remaining with Ushoran whilst others left and established new dynasties that would bceome the Grand Courts. [1b]

Age of Sigmar

The fate of Ushoran is unknown - some say he still fights against Nagash, others that he now serves the Great Necromancer once more. [1b]

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