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I read a lot of the Age of Sigmar novels (list below) and I have a Stormcast Eternals army (Hammers of Sigmar) and a Fyreslayers army that I'm still building up as well as Battletomes for Everchosen (which was a bad idea), Nighthaunt (accidentally), Fyreslayers (1.0 and now 2.0), and Stormcast Eternals (1.0, 2.0, and 3.0).

Stuff I should do at some point

  • Everything from Scourge of Fate
  • Revamp Eightpoints page
  • Add pictures for Ortam Vermyre, and a bunch of other guys
  • Revamp Callis and Toll pages (add pictures)
  • Add pages for minor characters in The Red Feast
  • More Book Pages
  • Add more to Soul Wars page

Stuff I've read

Order of books is guided primarily by the will of the Chaos Gods:

- Wrath of the Everchosen

- Gods' Gift by David Guymer

- Seven Words by David Guymer

- The Red Feast by Gav Thorpe (Great except for the last five chapters)

- Blood Gold by Gav Thorpe

- Black Pyramid by Josh Reynolds (His name comes up a lot in this list, also this book is awesome)

- Scourge of Fate by Robbie MacNiven (the classic Varanguard story)

- a Dirge of Dust and Steel by Josh Reynolds

- Ghosts of Demesnus by Josh Reynolds (I was really disappointed with this one)

- The Red Hours by Evan Dicken

- The Resolute by Josh Reynolds

- Spear of Shadows by Josh Reynolds (his name comes up a lot in this list)

- Pantheon by Guy Haley

- Plague Garden by the great J Reynolds (the classic Stormcast Eternal story)

- Heart of Winter by Nick Horth

- The Learning by David Guymer

- The Sea Taketh also by David Guymer (I remember this one primarily because it has merchant Orruks and Ogors)

- The Tainted Heart by CL Werner (This one is always the hidden gem of Age of Sigmar books but I digress)

- City of Secrets by Nick Horth (the classic Age of Sigmar story)

- Callis & Tol: The Silver Shard by Nick Horth (the classic Age of Sigmar story's sequel)

- Callis & Tol: The Old Ways by Nick Horth

- The Realmgate Wars: Bladestorm (This one was incredibly boring and I never finished it)

- The Path to Glory by Evan Dicken (More Lantic Empire lore when?)

- Auction of Blood by Josh Reynolds (I remember picking this up out of sheer curiosity and being really confused by it afterward)