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Urix is a Klaxian city in the Tephra Crater protected by Mandrake Bastion.[1] The city had aqueducts and a yellow-surface lake.[3]

Avenue of Five Hundred Hands

The Avenue of Five Hundred Hands is a place near the Gnawing Gate where Warpfang hunted for men.[2]

Plaza of Six Pillars

A plaza near the Gnawing Gate. The buildings near it were encrusted with vines and yellow roots populated by Sulphur-Birds.[3]

The Gnawing Gate

A gate with tendrils that roared in agony. It was killed by Lord-Celestant Orius Adamantine at the moment when he broke into the gate and destroyed its pumping heart.[3]

Sulphur Citadel

The Sulphur Citadel is a place of power and thanks to its power it's priest kings were able to conquer other crater kingdoms, tame the ash jungles and resist being plundered during the Age of Chaos. This is a place of worship for Sigmar, filled with his divine iconography, and a thousand sacrifices were made to him. The truth is that the priest-kings worshipped Tzeentch and the power of the citadel came from him.[2]

Mandrake Bastion

Mandrake Bastion is a fortress in Klaxus in the Realm of Fire that protected the city of Uryx. Orious Adamantine and his warrior-chamber gave the task of clearing this place to Tarkus the Silent and his Prosecutors, which they succeeded.[4][5]