Urgronk Wurrteef

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Urgronk Wurrteef is the Wurrgog Prophet that leads the Splinterfoot warclan.[1]


Urgronk Wurrtief received a powerful vision from Gork after being a drunken garganthit him on the head. In it, the greenskins followed a huge arboreal beast as it walked through the Realm of Life, its wild spirit taking the form of Gorkamorka, defeating the armies of the Sylvaneth.[1]

Tired of his undening chatter about the tree creature, his warclan threw Urgronk through a nearby Realmgate. As Gork predicted, Urgronk awoke in the Jade Kingdoms, and went in search of a mythical tree monster with the face of his god. Fascinated by his vision other orruks joined his quest in his travels and battles. These wild greenskins began to bring Urgronk gifts, including a particularly magical bone that could be used as a staff, and a beast mask carved from the heartwood to help him better see the signs of Gorkamorka.[1]

The Orruks called Urgronk ‘Splinterfoot’ because he followed the path of the tree spirit, and his growing army soon became known as the Splinterfoot Warclan. His search led the war clan to many bloody battles across Ghyran, as a Urgronk's mind was filled with the image of the tree beast. No matter how many sylvaneth they killed and cut up, he never seemed to find the spirit he was looking for. Every night Gork sent Urgron new visions, and his boys began to call him the Wurrgog Prophet. But all Urgronk wants is to find the tree beast and tear out its soul.[1]


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