Urama Othal

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Urama Othal located right above Harrowdeep inside the Shadrac Convergence

Urama Othal, Deepest Refuge in the aelven tongue, was a settlement inhabited both by the Idoneth Deepkin and the Daughters of Khaine in the Umbral Veil in the Shadrac Convergence.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

During the tumultuous times of Morathi's long desired ascension to godhood, a group of Daughters of Khaine dissidents fled from Hagg Nar, determined to not become victims of the High Oracles bloody purges of the sisterhood.[1a]

Fortunate for them, it was another pariah that came to their rescue. The Idoneth Queen Kia'tan of the Morladron enclave had recently censured by the High King Volturnos for her display of cruelty during the fall of Anvilgard. While the Idoneth usually can muster only a chill disdain for their hot-blooded cousings, both sides recognized the opportunity cooperation could provide.[1a]

Soon enough an enclave was founded on the ocean floor of the Helleflux. Protected from the outside world by the powerful illusion magics of the Daughters of Khaine and Idoneth Deepkin. Known as Urama Othal, the city became a place of contrasts; organic structures formed from corals were just as common iron altars of Khaine.[1a]

Unbeknownst to most, the enclave was founded not far above the uppermost chambers of the mysterious labyrinth known as Harrowdeep. Not long after its establishment, Harrowdeep presented itself to the people of Urama Othal. A massive pit opened in the center of the great Plaza of Dusk, revealing the Silent Stair; a mysterious spiral that seemed to beckoned anyone to descend into the depths of Harrowdeep.[1a]

Those that managed to come back from its depths brought with them reports of strange pearls, and chambers filled with Shadeglass. Soon enough Queen Kia'tan became even more withdrawn. Passerby reported hearing her descending in feverish, and one-sided, discussions in her chamber. As nightmares among the city's population grew more and more intense, an expedition was organised to uncover the secrets of the massive structure below the city.[1a]

Yet, when Morathi's Shadowstalker agents finally located Urama Othal, all they found was an empty city and silence. Abandoned, and its structures twisted by strange shadow magic, the agents did not dwell long in what was once an aelven city.[1a]


While Queen Kia'tan founded the enclave, she had little interest in ruling it directly. Preferring to instead pour over the occult texts smuggled out of Morladron.[1a]

Instead, order was instead maintained by a council of Idoneth officiers and Khainite priests. Even though the clashing of two very different cultures resulted in tensions and more than one bloody skirmish, peace was maintained for the most part by the council until the end.[1a]