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Fyreslayer Rune.

Ur-Gold is a material easily mistaken from gold which the Fyreslayers accept as payment for mercenary work.[1]


Ur-Gold was created in the climax of the battle between Grimnir and Vulcatrix, a nova-like event that ignited the magics of Aqshy. The heat alloyed the spirit of Grimnir with the blood of Vulcatrix and their powers were interwined. Like meteors theirs remains streaked across all the realm until they collided with the land. The god fragments buried itself underground and fused with veins of gold, turning it into Ur-Gold.[5a]


Ur-Gold is indistinguishable from gold, and only the Fyreslayer can distinguish this divine metal from the regular kind.[5a]


Auric Runemasters have the ability to sense Ur-Gold and forge it into Runes that grant a portion of Grimnir's strength and endurance, when wrought into the bodies of the Fyreslayers.[1][2]

Some of the Runes made with Ur-Gold are:

  • Rune of Fury
  • Rune of Searing Heat
  • Rune of Awakened Steel
  • Rune of Fiery Determination
  • Rune of Relentless Zeal
  • Rune of Farsight


The Fyreslayers believe Ur-Gold to be the scattered remains of their god Grimnir. The act of collecting and subsequently expending Ur-Gold in battle is a religious act for Fyreslayers who believe it brings them closer to their god and frees his entrapped spirit. They believe that if they expend enough Ur-Gold it would ensure Grimnir's rebirth during the final battle, the Doomgron.[5a]


The amount of Ur-Gold that is pressed into the flesh of a Fyreslayer must be tempered by Glimmerlust a disease that drives Fyreslayers mad with desire for more Ur-Gold.[5c]

Ur-Gold can also be tainted with plague. A pox from Nurgle that clings only to gold will drive any who possess the tainted gold to kill all others to hold it.[5b]

Ur-Gold has also been known to be corrupted by the Blood God who took his due of Ur-Gold following the duel of Grimnir and Vulcatrix, and had it blended with brass from his citadel.[6]


  • Originally Ur-Gold was just made from the remains of the deceased Grimnir after his battle with Vulcatrix, but in the Battletome: Fyreslayers 2019, it was changed to a mix of both gods.[1][3][4]