Uprising of the Cult of the Fated Path

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Uprising of the Cult of the Fated Path
Date Post-Realmgate Wars
Location Excelsis
Outcome Decisive Order Victory
Order Tzeentch
Cerrus Sentanus
General Synor
Hanniver Toll
Arika Zenthe
Ortam Vermyre (WIA)
Velorius Kryn (KIA)
1 Warrior Chamber
2 Freeguild Regiments
Scourge Privateers
Bulk of the Coldguard regiment
Tzeentch Cultists
Daemons of Tzeentch
Several Stormcasts Reforged, Firewolves regiment disbanded, and half of the Iron Bulls of Tarsus regiment killed Heavy, entire Coldguard regiment killed or captured

The Uprising of the Cult of the Fated Path was a Tzeentch Cult rebellion in Excelsis that was put down by the combined effort of Stormcast Eternals, Freeguild, and the Order of Azyr.



The groundwork for the uprising began years before it was actually carried out when Ortam Vermyre, High Arbiter of Excelsis, became disillusioned with Sigmar coming to believe the Dark Gods, specifically, Tzeentch, was only worthy of his worship and would triumph eventually.[1a]

Vermyre quickly converted his Palantine guard to the Dark Gods and began work on the uprising. First he focused on the Prophesier’s Guild, murdering those loyal to the city and replacing them with his own men. Then he gathered an army of Tzeentch Arcanites and turned almost the entirety of the Coldguard Freeguild Regiment to Chaos.[1b][1c]

Finally Vermyre worked meticulously over several years to corrupt the Archmage Velorius Kryn and use his powers to tear the veil of reality and welcome in the Realm of Chaos. [1c]

Before the Uprising

A several days before the uprising, Vermyre had a vision sent to the Prophesiers’ showing them the location Orruks of the Shattered Shins gathering under Warboss Gurkka. In response Excelsis’ war council had sent most of their armies to annihilate them, leaving the city nearly defenseless.[1a]

Three days before the uprising, Armand Callis, a Freeguild corporal in the Coldguard yet uncorrupted by Chaos, discovered a cash of glimmerings being smuggled by men loyal to Ortam Vermyre.[1a]

After a quick fight, Callis barely escaped with his life having received a vision of Excelsis’ destruction, but news of the incident led to Witch Hunter Hanniver Toll finding Callis. After assassins of the cult failed to kill them, the pair reached the Witch Hunter’s hideout. There Callis recounted his vision and Toll decided to immediately take the news to Ortam Vermyre, unaware of his conversion.[1b]

Vermyre quickly revealed what he was planning and had them imprisoned. They escaped that night with the help of Fleetmaster Arika Zenthe.[1b]

The two then warned the Knights Excelsior Lord-Veritant Cerrus Sentanus and the Iron Bulls of Tarsus regiment of the impending uprising.[1b][1c]


While warning the Iron Bulls of Tarsus’ leader, General Synor, the sky had opened up as Vermyre played his hand. With Velorius Kryn using the ‘’’Occulum Fulgurest’’’ housed in the prophesier’s guild to summon the Realm of Chaos above, anarchy raged through the streets of Excelsis as the forces of Tzeentch took control of key positions throughout the city.[1b][1c]

Quickly the forces of Excelsis rallied, Arika Zenthe’s Scourge Privateers fought against Daemons in the harbor. The Aircorps provided some support to the forces on the ground. While the Firewolves regiment went into the streets fighting a desperate battle against the Coldguard.[1c]

The Iron Bulls of Tarsus brought their guns to bear guided by Toll to the Fulgurest in the Prophesier’s Guild building along the central street of Excelsis.[1c]

They fought a losing battle against the more numerous Arcanites, led by Vermyre, until two-score Stormcasts of the Knights Excelsior landed into the fray with more on the way. They made a spearhead to punch through the Arcanites lines and into the Prophesier’s Guild.[1b][1c]

Callis using his vision led Cerrus Sentanus to Velorius Kryn under the Occulum Fulgurest. There Kryn was killed by the light of Sentanus’ lantern and the Occulum Fulgurest was destroyed, closing the breach in reality.[1c]

Toll dueled Vermyre and grievously injured him, but Vermyre escaped with the help of a charm of Tzeentch.[1c]

The Firewolves were ambushed and butchered to just seventy-five men and women before being relieved. General Synor personally slew the chieftain of the Tzaangors in the city.[1c]

The rest of cultists scattered, some took up their civilian lives in the city again.[1c]


After the battle the Coldguard were rounded up and thrown into the dungeons of the Consecralium and the Firewolves were too few to be rebuilt and was disbanded.[1c]

Pieces of the Realm of Tzeentch that appeared in the sky fell upon the city, destroying much the noble district and the veins. These were secured by the Knights Excelsior Thousands were dead but many more were saved and the city rebuilt.[1c]

Callis became a lieutenant of the Iron Bulls of Tarsus but later took an offer from Toll to join the Order of Azyr.[1c]

Vermyre was cursed and disfigured by Tzeentch for his failure. Thus beginning his search for the Silver Shard.[2]