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The Untamed Beasts are a nomadic tribe that worship Chaos and who roam across the Jagged Savannah in the Realm of Ghur.[1a]


The Untamed Beasts worship Chaos as the Devourer of Existence, whilst Archaon is called the Eater of Worlds, and they long to join in his hunt, sending warbands to the Eightpoints to hunt the greatest beasts and prove their worthiness to him. These primal warriors despise those who display any sign of civilisation, such as establishing permanent settlements or wearing forge-crafted armour. To them, such behaviour is merely deluded weakness, for nothing of mortal make can survive the wrath of the Devourer, and to pretend otherwise is a grand blasphemy. The skins of those they have slain are strung from trees along with crude banners, while the butchered and bloody carcasses are left to rot.[1a]

Members of the tribe carry fetishes and pelts of other predators they have slain and eaten, oaths and charms binding their spirits to them to grant the wearer the dead's ferocity and speed. Whilst weak members of the tribe are nothing but nameless meat, the strongest will live long enough to earn a title by slaying a great beast or proving themselves to have uncanny foresight.[1d]

Known Tribes




Pack leaders who rule through sheer brutality, these fearsome warriors have devoured the hearts of alpha predators in order to gain a portion of their bestial might.[2]

First Fang

First Fangs are given the sacred task of delivering the killing blow to the Untamed Beasts’ chosen prey. They hurl barbed harpoons with unerring accuracy to impale their quarry.[2]

Rocktusk Prowler

Possessing jaws tough enough to crush steel and a notoriously bloodthirsty temperament, Rocktusk Prowlers can track the scent of their prey across a vast distance.[2]


Preytakers are veteran hunters of the Untamed Beasts who have earned great renown by slaying monstrous fiends. Many carry fanged axes carved from the bones of memorable kills. The sawtooth blade is also a traditional weapon amongst Preytakers. Fashioned from bone, with serrated fangs embedded along its length, each blow from such a sword causes terrible wounds.[2]


As relentless and tireless as bloodwolves, Plains-runners pursue their prey for leagues across open ground. When the quarry can run no more, it is hacked and sliced apart with crude, bone-crafted weapons.[2]


A member of the tribe who has consumed the most devious and cunning predators, allowing them to commune with other hunters and beasts on a deeply primal level.[1c]



Hunt the hunter.[1a]


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