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The Unmade are a tribe of Chaos worshiping cannibal killers hailing from the Island of Tzlid close to the Shyish Nadir who are obsessed with pain and bodily mutilation.[1]


Only through giving and receiving agony can true worship of Chaos be enacted. [2a]

When a child of the tribe comes of age, they have their face flayed, cured and then attached to their armour. As they grow older, more and more of their flesh is sacrificed in painful rituals, exchanging limbs for weapons until they have completely discarded their humanity and devoted themselves totally to their gods. [2a]

Victims of the tribe are displayed in giblets and cages to spread terror. [2a]


The ancient progenitor and prophet of the Unamde is Vourneste who turned to Chaos to protect his people from the undead, in doing so he became the Flayed Prince who led his subjects in terrifying rituals of mutilation where they worshipped the pain they gave and received. [2c]

Centuries ago, the Prince made a pilgrimage to the Eightpoints but there disappeared. It is said he left a legacy of glorious torment for his followers to find and this draws them to the area. [2b]



Ascended One

Ascended Ones have carved their own limbs off and replaced them with gruesome flesh-hooks, coming one step closer to the sadistic enlightenment that they crave.[3]

Awakened One

Awakened Ones are warriors that have taken the first steps in the path to Unmaking, flaying the skin from their own faces and taking up instruments of excruciation to do the same to their enemies. They are armed with flails or brutal polearms tipped with hooks and man-catcher jaws.[3]

Blissful One

Blissful Ones are those that have succeeded in transforming themselves into pure instruments of torment. They caper and whirl across the battlefield, using their scythe-limbs to dismember their enemies.[3]

Joyous One

Joyous One are living weapons that seek out the enemy’s fiercest champions and strip the flesh from their bones in a flurry of razor-sharp blades.[3]



Agony is our gift.[2a]


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