Umbral Web

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The Umbral Web is a mysterious maze formed from the magics of the Realm of Ulgu, it is connected to the darksome Realmgates known as Shadowpaths. This labyrinthine network allows those who enter it to travel between the Mortal Realms, including places that would otherwise be unreachable.[1a][3a]


Age of Myth

The existence of the Shadowpaths, and the Umbral Web which they are connected to, was first discovered in the Age of Myth by Malerion and Morathi. They are also the only two beings in the cosmos to know the locations and pass phrases of the shadowpaths.[1a][3a]

During the Age of Myth locations across the Mortal Realms were anchored to Ulgu by a series of shadowy waystones laid down by Morathi and Malerion. [1a]


The Khainite Shadowstalkers that serve Morathi-Khaine are capable of traversing through the Umbral Web through a method known as Shadow Leap, allowing them to instantly travel from shadow to shadow when fully submerged in darkness. They can accomplish this only through shademarks placed on them by Morathi, which only provide temporary protection[2b][3a]


Entering the Umbral Web unprepared is to risk never returning for its shrouded depths are near impossible to navigate and nightmarish creatures that dwell within consider mortal souls a particular delicacy. Prolonged exposure to the Umbral Web causes the flesh and the soul to recede until only a formless shade, a malicious entity of pure shadow is left behind. Only Malerion and Morathi are capable of walking through the Web without fear of danger but even they can not do so indefinitely.[1a]


The Umbral Web is home to strange, malicious entities that take the form of smoke-winged monstrosities that prey on mortals that enter the web. There are also formless shades, malicious beings of pure shadow that were once mortal travelers of the Web.[3a]