Umbral Spellportal

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The Umbral Spellportal is an endless spell of the magic of Ulgu that appears as a pair of shadowy mirrors linking two points on the battlefield, allowing wizards to cast their destructive magics and enchanting boons at incredible distances.[1][2]


When a wizard inscribes eldritch sigils into the mist they will summon a pair of gloom-filled arcane mirrors, whose surfaces undulate with shadowy aetheric energy.[1]


When looking upon an Umbral Spellportal, those that have not see only a swirl of murky shadow, sometimes even perceiving vague shapes, hints of secrets or forgotten memories on the undulating ripples of the spell's surface. Those versed in magic see a shadowy reflection of what lies on the other side of its twinned construct. [1][2]

While physical matter cannot travel through the portal, aetheric energy knows no such restriction allowing spellcasters to casts spells across greater distances, on opposite sides of fortress walls or to flush out entrenched defenders. Most use it to cast simples spells through it, like bolts of obliterative flame or beams of invigorating energy. But whoever establishes such an aetheric gateway must be wary as they can be used both ways. Enemy conjurers can just as easily use the other side to deliver spells of their own.[1][2]

Arcane scholars are divided on whetever the spell that went through one gate is the same as the one that came out the other side or a shadow reflection. For example a bolt of green lighting might emerge on the other side on a darker hue that spreads darkness. It is speculated that the spells link to the darkest corner of Ulgu and become infused with shadow magic as it passes through the mirrors.Grandelthorpe, obsessed on the inner workings of the spell devised a way to turn herself into pure light-energy and walked through the spell. While she claims that the inner-workings of the spell are not mysterious she displayed a few physical changes, namely in her hair and eye color, but also as shown signs of hysteria as she claimed to perceive more dimensions in her chamber arcane in which she has studied for decades.[1][2]

When summoned in the realm of Ulgu, Umbral Spellportals appear to be everywhere and nowhere all at once, allowing the pairs to be summoned much father apart than they should.[1]


Umbral Spellportals are notoriously difficult to close, and the dark wound created in the fabric of reality often continues to remain open long after it has outlived its potential usefulness by its conjurer. Many rival sorcerers exploit this ability.[1][2]