Ulwhyr Forest

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The Ulwhyr Forest is an immense forest located to the east of the Free City of Excelsis. A great winding trade road leads from the city to this great forest, though the Brackenmarsh lays between them.[1]


The forest was once home to many nomadic tribes, well-known for their blue-ink tattoos. These tribes have since migrated to the settlements founded after the Sigmar's Tempest ushered in the Age of Sigmar. Once these tribes lived in fear of an entity known as the White Witch, a baleful Banshee connected to the forest, and would sacrifice the firstborn children of their chiefs to it.[1]

It is also home to arachnids who weave a material known as silksteel, a thin and light material with the tensile strength of steel plates. The township of Marshpoint and it's surrounding plantations were created to exploit this valuable resource, as the city of Excelsis lacks deposits of metal to outfit their soldiers in armor, so silksteel makes a fantastic alternative.[1]


  • Marshpoint: The frontier town of Marshpoint is located in a swampy region of the forest.[1]