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Ulgathern-Grimnir is a Fyreslayer and the current Runefather of the Ulgaen lodge.


The twelfth son of Runefather Karadrakk and upon his death he was gifted with one-sixteenth of the lodge's ur-gold and tasked with aiding his brothers and to help hold their home against the servants of Slaanesh who had been besieging it for a hundred years. He was sure that his new role would smooth the path to his marriage to the daughter of the Chief of the Mining Fellowship, Amsaralka but was also disturbed by the interpretations of prophecy by his friend and Runesmiter, Drokki of the Withered Arm.[1]

Shortly afterwards a traitor betrayed them all to Chaos and the survivors were forced to flee through the Gaenagrik Realmgate. They arrived on the Broken Plains and fought their way through swamps infested by beastmen and hence into the Firespike Mountains to their ancestor lodge of Volturung where they received a luke warm reception. They were given leave to retake from Skaven the nearby mountain of Steelspike for themselves. [1]

His betrothed led her miners in digging a tunnel down into a cavern that led them into the nest of the ratmen, then he led his warriors in, using the power of the Ancient Runemaster Marag-Or of the Golden Eye and now Runemaster Drokki to awaken the fires at its heart, burning out the Skaven.[1]


'My father is dead! And I am a runefather in my own right. It is my command that my portion of the folk of Ulgaen-Ar leave. Before it is too late

~Ulgathern-Grimnir to Briknir-Grimnir.[1]


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