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The Ulgaen Lodge is a Fyreslayer Lodge originally located beneath the volcanoes of the Hornteeth Mountains in the Realm of Ghur. After that hold fell they took the volcano of Steelspike in the Realm of Aqshy from the Skaven to form a new hold.[1]


For more than five thousand years the Ulgaen Lodge inhabited the Hornteeth mountains, but then their Ur-Lodge under Gaenagrik was destroyed and the main hold, Ulgaen-ar was reduced to that under the Ulmount.[1]

Subsequently, near the end of the Age of Chaos they were besieged for one hundred and one years by the Keeper of Secrets Qular Vo the Unredeemed, but as the prophecies of Hulgar had foretold the hold was betrayed by one of its own and fell to the Slaaneshi hordes.[1]

Travelling through the Gaenagrik Realmgate, the twelve hundred survivors were led by Runefather Ulgathern-Grimnar and his brother to Aqshy. They arrived on the Broken Plains and fought their way through swamps infested by beastmen and hence into the Firespike Mountains to their ancestor lodge of Volturung where they received a lukewarm reception. They were given leave to retake the nearby Steelspike for themselves, Volturung promising to take in their non-combatants in bondage until they paid back their debts. [1]

Marag-Or and Drokki awoke the mountain whilst the warriors assaulted the Skaven and the tunnels were cleansed with lava. Shortly afterwards they were contacted by Seldor, Knight-Azyros of the Hammers of Sigmar who informed them that the Gates of the Realm of Azyr were open once again and Sigmar sought allies. [1]

The Ulgaen survivors divided into two lodges, Ulgaen-dumar and Ulgaen-Kumar.[1]


  • Duardin
    • Amsaralka: Miner and later Matron of the Ulgaen Mining Fellowship as well as wife to Ulgathern-Grimnir.[1]
    • Brokkengird: Renegade Grimwrath Berzerker who killed all he met, including other fyreslayers from whom he took their ur-gold. He redeemed himself following the fall [1]
    • Drokki of the Withered Arm: Runesmiter and later Runemaster who discovered the prophecy and opened the Realgate to Aqshy.[1]
    • Hulgar: Writer of prophecy including The Great Omen which foretold the end of Ulgaen-ar.[1]
    • Kaharagun Witebeard: Ancient Battlesmith and Loremaster of Ulgaen-ar, he was born in Ulgaen-Ur.[1]
    • Karadrakk-Grimnir: Well loved Runefather who led the lodge for three hundred years, dying a year before the hold fell.[1]
    • Mangulnar: Third born and oldest surviving son of Runefather Karadrakk, on his father’s death he did not inherit and swore vengeance.[1]
    • Marag-Or of the Golden Eye: Ancient Runemaster who survived the fall but died in the taking of Steelspike.[1]
    • Tulgamar-Grimnir: Runefather and younger brother to Ulgathern, he survived the fall and accompanied him to Steelspike.[1]
    • Tulkingafar: Unpopular Runemaster in the last centuries of the lodge.[1]
    • Ulgamaen-Grimnir Ninth son of Runefather Karadrakk, he was granted the Ulgaen-ar lodge, but did not live long.[1]
    • Ulgathern-Grimnir: Twelfth son of Karadrakk, he led the survivors to Steelspike following the fall of the hold.[1]
  • Magmadroth


The war of a hundred and one years will come to an end, as lightning cleaves the sky, salvation comes late for those that see no sense, greed overcomes virtue and the lodge-line shall be broken

'~ The Great Omen.[1]


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