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Tzaangor Enlightened are the elite of the Tzaangor Warflocks. They possess strange feathers and elaborate horns that denote that they are truly blessed with the favor of Tzeentch, with some even being favoured enough to ride upon Discs of Tzeentch. [1a]


In contrast to the Tzaangor Skyfires, they cannot see the future, but instead are able to conceive echoes of past events. In combat, this allows them to parrot back all sorts of obscenities to the enemy to break them down psychologically - the dying words of loved ones, the sneering jeers of fellow soldiers, and the buried tales of betrayal. This same past-vision allows the Enlightened to see their enemies' every move repeated, playing out each misplaced step and unbalanced weapon swing again and again. This gifts them more knowledge of their foe in a second than many a seasoned predator would know of their prey after weeks of stalking. [1a]


Tzaangor Enlightened wield ornate spears, setting them above their lesser kin. [1a]



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