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Tylos Stormbound is a Lord-Celestant of the Hammers of Sigmar.[1a]


After Forging

Tylos Stormbound - like the brothers and sisters in his entourage - evidently does not find it particularly pleasant to be carried away from the halls of Azyr by means of Sigmar's lightning and to drive straight down to a battlefield, like the howled "God King!" reveals that the throats and mouths of him and the other Stormcast Eternals escaped during this procedure. The sulfur in the air of Aqshys, an unnaturally low, gigantic moon, and the fact that he and the rest of the Stormcasts landed on a huge bridge stretched out in the air, made up of the iron and chain-linked, tortured and bloody bodies of countless birds, didn't make it any better. - However, this did not prevent him from remaining calm in view of the Lord-Relictor Boreas ' finding that he had definitely not expected to end up there, of all places . He also demanded discipline from Liberator-Prime Castamon and the fulfillment of his role model function towards the Stormcasts under his command, when he let himself be carried away to a surprised exclamation when from the thick smoke that hid the ends of the bridge,Blood Reavers with huge axes and blasphemous icons showed up. He reminded the Liberators that nothing was lost, and if they stared hard enough into the darkness, they would always find Sigmar before ordering them to use their shields and armor to form a shield wall of Sigmarite and the onslaught of the Barbrian followers of Khorneexpected that were less of an army than a stampede. As a result, he let the front of the Liberators advance like a single being against the enemy numerical superiority, and intervened with Zanax personally in the fight when his Stormcasts suffered their first losses. When the Dracoth and his rider made their way into the mass of enemies, he was the two-handed hammer one for a moment by the thunderbolt effect Paladins disabled, who had to have survived without the command to joined the fray. For this he reprimanded the retributor Celadonwith the request "Wait for my order!" - He then issued this when the enemy temporarily succeeded in breaking a breach in the front of the Liberators. When he faces the greatest of the Blood Reavers in a duel, he is seriously injured by the latter when he drives an iron stinger through the eye slit of the mask into his eye. - Although his helmet fills with blood, he continues to fight undaunted in one eye and kills his opponent. Then he wipes the blood from his mask and tells Lord-Relictor Boreas, who is fighting at his side, that they are apparently a long way from their real goal - the Crucible of Blood- Landed distant and they need to find out where they actually are. On his advice that he finally had eyes in the sky, he turned to Drusus, who was flying high above him, and his prosecutor . The prosecutor primebut has only one bad news for his commanding officer at the moment: The moon is falling from the sky! As a result, countless of his Stormcast Eternals lose their balance on the bridge of chains and bird bodies and - like some of the bird carcasses and many of their opponents - fall into the depths before they can reach the towers at their end. Thereupon he gives the prosecutors the desperate order to tie as many of the Stormcast Eternals as possible to the chains of the bridge to keep them from falling into the depths.[1a]


The Lord-Celestant wears - like all Hammers of Sigmar - the armor made of Sigmarite , shining like gold , over which - especially when his Dracoth rears up under him and spits lightning - small lightning bolts and the emotionless, golden face mask. His war hammer is called "Grius".[1a]


  • In Warhammer Fantasy Battle, there is an hero called with the same name, his background don't specified if , Lord-Celestant Tylos Stormbound possess the soul of this Tilean hero.


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