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This page contains spoilers for: Heart of Winter (novella)

The Twilight Cabal is a group of Fleetmasters of the Scourge Privateers who seek to re-establish a new Scourge Empire in the Mortal Realms in the Age of Sigmar. [1a]

Attempting to assassinate her father, Arika Zenthe interrupted a meeting of the Cabal and discovered that he had been expecting her. Zarkland explained their objectives and offered her a place – at least until he needed to claim her heart. His plan was to capture the city of Izalend and use it as a base from which to expand, fighting off any enemy that dared to face them.[1a] When Arika foiled the plan, it is unknown if the Cabal continued.[1]


We do not serve. We do not bow our heads like beaten hounds and scurry at Sigmar's heels. Our birth right is domination. Our legacy is conquest. These realms are ours for the taking, daughter, if only we have the nerve to reach out and seize them.

~Zarkland to Arika .[1a]

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