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Tuskgor Chariots are ramshackle contraptions utilised by the Brayherds. They are built from heavy pieces of lumber and iron scrounged from the ruins of despoiled cities, and bound with tattered leather straps or the sinews of slain monstrosities, and held together with crudely shorn crossbeams. Each chariot is latched to a Tuskgor, many-horned beasts found in the Chaos-infested wasted. Though seen as oddities amongst their beastherds, Tuskgor Chariot riders are nonetheless respected. The carnage they wreak from atop their war machines is proof they have not given up their savage natures entirely, and the speed with which they bear down upon their foes makes them the envy of many twisted creatures.[1a]


Each chariot is lashed to a pair of tuskgors – grotesque, many-horned beasts that roam the Chaos-infused wilds. Drawn by these creatures, the Tuskgor Chariot rumbles into battle, the loud braying of its beastmen crew rising above the pounding of hooves and the clatter of uneven wheels. With whip and spear the gor driver lashes and prods the tuskgors onwards, while the Bestigor at the chariot’s rear holds aloft its great axe, preparing to lop off heads the moment the vehicle reaches the enemy.[1a]


Raw Materials

The chariots of the Beasts of Chaos are ramshackle constructions built from heavy pieces of lumber and iron scrounged from the ruins of despoiled cities. Bound with tattered leather straps or the sinews of slain monstrosities, and with huge spikes holding together the crudely shorn crossbeams, these vehicles show no hint of finesse in their craftsmanship, but they are sturdy enough to carry their riders to the front line and deliver a devastating impact upon arrival.{Fn|1a}}


Creating a Tuskgor Chariot is no small task, and requires a degree of discipline that is unnatural to the Beasts of Chaos. Seeing the devastation wrought by the war engines of its enemies, a Bestigor may experience visions of barbaric grandeur and be inspired to craft their own chariot, going against their own bestial nature to plan their newly conceived contraption. The Bestigor sets off to hunt the tuskgors that will become its draw-beasts, spending long days chasing the creatures through woods and craggy mountains. Many a Bestigor is killed by the very quarry they stalk, their spine shattered by a sidelong charge and their entrails devoured while they bleed out. But the strongest and most indomitable manage to corner and subdue a pair of tuskgors to serve their ambitions.[1a]


In fabricating the chariot itself, the Bestigor employs a combination of brutal threats and physical coercion to exhort a team of gors and ungors to labour on their behalf. The ungors, with their relatively nimble fingers, lash together the frame of the chariot with rope, sinew or desiccated vines. Meanwhile, the gors condition the tuskgors to respond to violent stimuli, a process in which most of the trainers are killed and devoured. The gor that eventually succeeds in gaining dominance over the tuskgors is retained as the driver, while the ungors are simply run down for sport as the chariot-mounted Bestigor tests the efficacy of their creation.[1a]


The Gor driver uses a whip and spear, lashing and prodding the tuskgors onwards whilst the Bestigor at the chariot’s rear holds aloft a great axe. [1a]



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