Tupo Vend

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Tupo Vend is a sellsword Paymaster from the Realm of Azyr.[1a] He has worked with Cassandora Stormforged in the past, who considers him useful, and has had unfavorable experiences with the Knights Excelsior.[1b]


A heavily built mercenary. [1a]


Age of Sigmar

A friend of Duke Lorcus of Nordrath. In the crusade to reclaim Caddow he was employed by Albain Lorcus to act as a military consultant and gather military support for the campaign. Tupo successfully recruited Jon Cruso and his Nordrathi Red and Blacks, Suhla Morguin and the twelfth Cohort of the Gold Gryphons and Cogsmith Mahk of the Ironweld Arsenal for its duration. [1a]

He then looked to provide further mercenaries for the rebuilding including thirty mountain clan warriors from the Realm of Ghur, paying off their debt to Vend.[1a]

As the battle raged on Tupo suggested further increasing the ranks of the Gallowsmen would be required to hold the city, suggesting that at least two hundred experienced fighters, as well as experienced garrison troops. When he learned of the Troggoths lairing in the old sewers of the city he attempted to buy them, to sell to the fighting pits of Excelsis or to rich nobles of Azyrite bloodlines to have as trophies. He was also able to provide Albain with Scourge Privateers contacts who would hunt the local monsters, in exchange for letters of marque, Vend naturally received comnpensation for setting up the partnership.[1b]


Back here. Safe. I've had my fill of battlefields. I'll stay behind the guns, and enjoy a drink to your continued health, Lord Lorcus of Caddow.

~ Tupo Vend.[1c]